Trip to khovsgol lake
Drive to visit Small Sand Dunes ( semi Gobi)
Continue the trip to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital visit to see Erdenezuu Monastery and museum,
the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. DRIVE Tsetserleg town.
Overstay stay with a local family.
Great White Lake ( Khorgo Volcano lake), via Chuluut canyon.
Same activities.
Drive to Murun town, centre of Khovsgol aimag/ province.
Most of travelers break up here to prepare journey to famous lake ‘KHOVSGOL”.
Over stay in a nomadic family’s ger.
Drive to Khovsgol lake via Deer stone, the most preserved rock painting in the world.
Same activities..
Drive to Khutag ? ONDOR mountain area.
Amarbaysgalant, a historical Temple. This is the second most important Temple In Mongolia.
Drive back to UB.
Trip Price:
1 person: US $ 170/ day
2 persons: US $ 110 / day
3 persons: US $ 90 / day
4 persons: US $ 80 / day
5 or 6 persons: US $ 70 /day

This price all ?inclusive, driver and transport, sleeping in an authentic Mongolian ger, three meals a day ( Breakfast Lunch Dinner), road tax, Museum at Erdenezuu ( there are 2 museums at Kharkhorum. Horse camel riding is available for free of charge, for maximum 1 hour. IF you need tour Guide 30 US $ a day this price between groupe.